keeping up the poll thing_fave 嵐 album?

20 10 2008

“me too wants to try poll-thingy!” my inner self shouted at me today. and so here I propose another poll. I had also thought about asking people about favorite 嵐 songs, but it’s very difficult to choose. instead I pose a simpler (I hope) question: what is your favorite album?

we all started following the boys at some point or other; some of us have been fans for a very short time and thus are bound to be more familiar with the latest work. I myself feel something special for [time] because I became a fan in between that and this year’s LP – the truth is I am a jun-baited-through-kat fan :p. she stumbled upon 嵐 after watching [花男] and learning that all-mighty domyouji was also a singer. I must admit I didn’t like their music straight away V_V *ashamed* – at the time I was more into groups like [the pillows], [nobodyknows+] or [asian kung-fu generation]. the only song I really liked immediately was [サクラ咲け] and mostly because of sho-chan’s rap – I thought his low husky voice and rapper style really rocked the mellow jpop melodies of 嵐 songs. paradoxically it was a mellow song that got me addicted to the boys ¬¬U. it was none other than 虹, which I heard by chance streaming in someone’s blog. I literally fell in love with ニノ’s voice and performance and went nearly mad searching through the internet ’til 4 in the morning with little success. kat was so kind as to find me a life-saving youtube video of the concert solo so I could breathe again.

from then on it’s been 嵐 madness for me. my fave album is [time] partly because it contains 虹, and ニノ is still my 一番 because every time I have doubts about it I need only listen to the song to step back in track. :) それ以上. to the poll!

of course if you’d like to comment on your favorite song or how you happened to like a japanese idol boy-band you are most welcome! :)

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Which member of Arashi is your favorite?

19 10 2008