[more b-day presents]

6 08 2008

here are the b-day presents that miki and duncan got me!!

miki’s is the hankie (murasaki colour, my fave!!!) and duncan’s is a key-ring in the shape of the monopoly dog (he engraved the “monopoly” sign in it, so it was like personal work :3). then we went to odaiba to spend the afternoon and when we got back home miki had bought sashimi for dinner!!! and best of all, they had also got me a piece of cake that looked just gorgeous – one of those cakes I keep staring at in bakery displays – all for me! *salivates*

then yesterday, when I got back home after going to yakiniku with my classmates, I stepped onto something hard when I entered my room without turning on the light – that’s me, all adventure and excitement. and it was another present from miki!!! it bore an “amazon.co.jp” greeting card and was shaped like a book, so at first I thought “murakami novel”. but it was [Lchange the World]!!! I’ve been wanting to see this movie since february, when it was on theatres here in japan. and miki bought me the special edition!!! 美紀サイコウ!!


ps: my parents totally forgot about my b-day… on the plus side, all my dearest friends were great this year!



3 08 2008

today when I checked my mail I saw a notice from my friends wishing me happy birthday – I’m 21 now, how depressing T_T. and then a link to kat’s blog, were a surprise awaited me.

since it’s in spanish I’ll post a briefing:

the post was named “nana-chan’s birthday presents”; it had two links (“present#1” and “present#2”), this way I would be able to see my presents as if I were unwrapping them! since the computer at home uses windows vista *ahem, crap, ahem* it took it sometime to open the links, making it look even more like the real thing:)

then they went on saying they wanted to get me an “edward” – [twiglight] books’ main male character – but when she got the shipment she liked him so much she decided to keep it to herself!! *little private pun*


it’s the best birthday surprise ever!!! I’m so happy now! ;_; thanks girls. うれし泣いている。。。they are the best friends in the world! I miss you so much ミンア!

that’s all, I just wanted to share my first happy moment of the day – probably the best too :3

oh! and these are my presents!



now you get the same feeling I got X)