6 10 2008

looking at the traffic in rome I wish I never need an ambulance to come to assist me – there is just no way it would make it on time. and at the same time traffic is the reason I cannot be sure I can completely avoid it…



6 10 2008

an interesting designers project in rome, located in hip, low-key trastevere, proposes an utopic encounter between art and fashion. working side by side with different creators of the italian panorama, [temporaryLOVE] opens a new collection every now and then. the pieces (all for sale) range between clothing and accesories, to pictures.

the small shop is exquisitely decorated, matching each exhibition – for every time they open a new collection they inaugurate with an “apperitivo”: the hidden streets gets crowded with people drinking wine and biting on sweets and chocolate. the atmosphere gets very intimate and the exhibition is always worth taking a look at. the last one was entitled [GODsaveTHEpop], featuring works by [elioVARUNA] and [DeSiDeRiO].

you can find more information on this amazing proposal in their website or their myspace.

for those visiting rome, you can easily get to [temporaryLOVE] from piazza di santa maria in trastevere. the actual address is:

via dell’arco di san calisto 9 (beside piazza san calisto).