27 07 2008

the august issues of [winkUP], [pOtAtO] and [dUeT] are already out – actually, they were out at the beginning of july… but I was too lazy to upload the photos. ~^_^U~

they all feature the same groups mostly: [嵐], [NEWS], [KAT-TUN], [ジャニースjr.], [kinkiKIDS] and articles about new dorama.

I’m just posting [嵐] and [maou] stuff, but if you want pictures from the other groups just ask for it – mind you, I don’t have a scanner, so I have to take pictures of the magazines with my camera…


isn’t ikuta toma gorgeous with his new look? :3



12 07 2008

as I’ve already mentioned before I don’t have a working scan, so I wasn’t planing on posting any magazine issues because taking photographs of the pages just sucks. but after the [maou] post yesterday I wanted to upload photos of [ikuta toma] with his new look and failed to find any good ones in the web. then I said to myself, *what the hell! I’ve got some good pics in the magazines!*. and that’s what did it. sorry for the poor quality, though…

the first ones are from [gyao]’s july issue. the last ones come evidently from [Ldime].


11 07 2008

I’d been looking forward to this for over a week and finally I managed to see [コードブルー] and [maou]. the first one is on  on thursdays at 10pm on fujiTV. [maou] is broadcasted by TBS and is on friday nights at the same hour as [コードブルー].

after seeing both my conclusion is… that  is kinda boring actually. I don't know, maybe not understanding a thing has something to do with my being bored to death. imagine watching [grey's anatomy] in japanese, ok? if medical technical words are hard to understand in english, where you can at least rely on them having a latin root, there's no way I would get the meaning in japanese! also, yamapi plays cool-blankfaced-hotty again and I hate it when they give him such roles - even though I have to admit that he looks great with the new hairstyle. I don't think I'm staying up late again - not even to see yamapi... but I leave you the ending here to watch - it's better than the opening and the song is [hanabi] from [mr.children]. next is a news advance of the series. you can already download the first episode here - still no english subs, sorry. if you find it anywhere, please tell me. :)

on the other hand, [maou] is much more promising. even though I understood about 20% of what they were actually saying it is much easier to get the general idea. [maou] is a suspense and detective dorama featuring [oono satoshi] and [ikuta toma]. I gather it's more or less the asian version of [sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street]; only this time the barber is a lawyer who suffered a family tragedy in the past - from what I understood having missed the first episode, his baby brother was murdered and his mother died soon after from the pain of loosing her younger son - so he becomes a double-faced demon searching for revenge on his relatives' deaths. on the other end we find this young detective with an obscure past - don't know what he did exactly, as I said I've missed the first ep - who chases after this mysterious serial killer and his enigmatic messages in the form of tarot cards.

[ikuta toma] is gorgeous in this dorama; the styling, the characterization... everything suits him perfectly. and finally they have left his hair-colour untouched! no more ridiculous dyes for him! hurray! (sorry nakatsu)

oochan looks great too - it's strange to see him play evil gone-nuts serial killer, but it's nice for a change. he has always been the nice, quiet type, never drawing attention to himself in 嵐 and now that he is given his first major role in a dorama he is the main character - and what a main character! all in all what I liked most is that they finally look like the adults they are - [toma] must be 23 now and [oono] is 28; I never saw the point of forcing them to play high-school kids way past their 20's.

so friday night is [maou] night for me from now on! the opening song is 嵐's [truth], from the new album due next year and it's not their style at all - which means I like it even better. here's the opening and a CM.

first episode's unsubbed torrent to be found here. the thing I regret most about having missed that ep is that the special guest was [nino]...


4 07 2008

I’m afraid this will become a new cathegory with 日本 as parent directory… I’m basically following kat’s instructions and taking photos of every ad where 嵐 or other celebrities star in. this is what I’ve found so far:

小栗旬 in a 自動販売機 (vending machine)

松潤 and pepsi

松潤 au CM big version at shibuya’s hachiko exit

松山ケンイチ (L in deathnote) for docomo group

山P’s new dorama ”code blue”

and last the AU CM’s that I posted previously, but this time pics were taken with my camera:



[stand UP!!]

22 06 2008

a bit late, but better than nothing… by now kat XDDD already finished watching it and my intention was to introduce it to her this way… zannen ne?

I was a bit apprehensive when I first read the synopsis: “four 17-year-old boys find themselves the last virgins at school”.  I thought “there you go… can’t japanese stay away from stereotypes? WTF!”

so I was really surprised to discover a very intimate and moving series – a tale of daily life in an outskirts’ neighborhood (togoshi, in shinagawa district), four boys discovering sex with the clumsiness that characterizes teenager boys. extremely funny and touching, the characters are all enthralling – parents and children alike. all in all, you spend a very good time watching the 11 episodes – hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


asai shouhei [shou-chan]

the protagonist and narrator all-through the dorama, he is the sort of nice-sweet person that everybody takes advantage of and no girl sees like a man. he is perfectly aware of this and says so himself when introducing the rest. he has a secret crush on his teacher – who is very much oblivious to this at first. of course, shou-chan is himself pretty thick when it comes to the person who has a crush on him – even if she is very close to him. played by aRaShI’s [ninomiya kazunari], he is just lovable!

iwasaki kengo [kenken]

[yamapi] at the tender age of, what, 18? – he’s soooo skinny… anyway, kenken is the cute, attractive type. he even has a girlfriend, who is obsessed with her entrance exams and the topic of trains… since she is very strict and he is a little stupid, kenken remains so far a virgin.

udagawa hayato [udayan]

a real pervert as a kid udayan kept asking the girls to show him their underwear until the girls grew up and started kicking his ass… a scaredy-cat now, he sweats and cowers at the sight of those girls, but doesn’t miss an opportunity to see their panties. only [narimiya hiroki] could have acted this out! – you can also see him in [gokusen] and the dorama version of [honey and clover] as morita-san. I read somewhere that you can always recognise him for his unique mile and it’s true, no matter how much he changes over the years his smile remains the same. :3

enami kouji [kou-kun]

the soccer team captain, it is a mystery why he remains a virgin. well, maybe not such a big mystery after all… kou-kun’s problem with girls is he can’t help acting like a downright show-off in front of them and he always fucks things up. also, he sleeps with his eyes open – very cute scene in last episode! – but otherwise he should be a heart-breaker. played by [oguri shun] – the only regrettable thing is his dyed hair…

oowada chie [chie-chan]

a childhood friend of our golden quartet, chie comes back for the summer to visit her old mates. the problem is, they haven’t seen each other in ten years and the princess they all remember hasn’t grown up to be the woman they expected. engrossed in their own problems, they will barely notice her at first, but she is intent in making up for the lost time. [suzuki an] acts as chie-chan.

here Ieave some funny scenes:

this one is “making out lessons”, kou-kun instructs udayan and kenken in the ways of touching women… LOL

this is a great mv I stumbled upon accidentally. all credits to titou_cpilb who edited it. warning, slight spoilers at the end!

download the whole dorama @ [d-addicts]. you can find it subbed both in english and spanish. :)

[nobuta wo produce]

20 05 2008

I just finished watching this awesome dorama and couldn’t wait to post!

[nobuta wo produce] – “producing nobuta” – is the story of kotani nobuko (notice how “nobuko” changes to “no-buta”, “buta” meaning “pig”), a bullied high-school student and her two “producers”: kiritani shuji [kamenashi kazuya] and kusano akira [yamashita tomohisa].

kiritani shuji is the typical popular boy in school, everybody likes him, the guys follow his every move and he’s dating the most popular girl in his year. he is the golden boy – or at least that’s what he pretends to be. the truth is he puts up an act in order to be liked by his schoolmates, whom he really doesn’t care about much. for shuji life is a game to be played, nothing more.

akira on the other side is a pretty weird guy, sometimes even annoying, and as a result of that he doesn’t have many friends – if any, so to speak. still, he is intent on being kiritani‘s bestfriend and acts as so – pissing shuji off entirely… you could describe kusano as someone who doesn’t want anything from life.

however, when new student kotani nobuko [horikita maki] joins their class both boys will take it upon themselves to make kotani popular – I should mention at this point that at the beginning of the series nobuta looks more like sadako from [ringu] than anything else… *scary*. while helping kotani achieve social acceptance at school the three will grow to be very close. when producing is finally over shuji will realise that he has in a way “produced” himself again with the help of nobuta and akira and become a better person. in other words, the poor, shy, bullied girl ends up helping the golden boy. :) [horikita maki]’s interpretation of nobuta is just great!

the series is about friendship and the belief that people can change for the better. apart from the “serious” stuff it is actually great fun – specially akira‘s character and his odd gestures and voices, amazing interpretation on [yamapi’s] part. his expressions linger in your mind all day: “akira shock!”, “kon!”, “nobuta power!”… you just have to see it.

here’s the so-called “nobuta pawaa!” (nobuta power pronounced by a japanese):d

not to miss this scene from ep. 05, “guy communication techniques”:

and “akira’s confession”. soooo cute!

and what everybody was waiting, akira‘s sleep-over at shuji‘s:

the dorama consists of 10 episodes and a special emission with interviews of the actors. you should be able to find them all at [veoh] subbed in english. I recommend watching the special – forwarding the stupid parts if you want to. I was surprised to see that [kamenashi], who plays the cool guy is actually always fooling around during the shooting, while [yamashita] sits in silence studying his character with a deep frown… unbelievable… you also learn that most of akira‘s dialogues were improvised on the spot by [yamapi] – which makes me sort of admire him…

now I feel ashamed that in my previous post of [hanakimi] I couldn’t list any dorama in which [horikita maki] had appeared, since she has starred also in [kurosagi] – upcoming post, *sigh* – again with [yamapi]. you will find [kamenashi] in [tatta hitotsu no koi], a love story between a poor boy and a well-bred upper-class girl. I should probably add for those who don’t know that [kame] is [KAT-TUN]’s leader (jpop group) and that [yamapi] sings in [NEWs] and has just started his solo carrer. last [yamapi] song: [kurosagi] theme [daite senyorita].