Katori Shingo- Oha Rock

13 10 2008

Shingo Katori is one of the members of SMAP, one of the first music groups of Johnny’s. Shingo-san is well known for his parodies and personifications… (he is one of the best of the group). I saw the video of “Oha Rock” about 6 years ago and because at that moment the only thing I knew about japanesse music were the groups Gackt, L’arc~en~Ciel, Dir en Grey and Hikaru Utada I thought to myself that japanesse people where a bit nuts… and today at 4 in the morning I got an E-mail from Nana-chan with a link to this parody, and now that I know who the nuts guy is I have mixed feelings… I don’t know if I have to laugh or cry while watching this… (Shingo is my favorite singer from SMAP… well he is my favorite in everything) At the same time I saw this for the first time I saw the video of “Yatta” which I’ve seen again today and I’m glad to see that there are no Idols or actor/singer I admire between the components of the group, so that’s a relief, XDD!!

I’m truly grateful to Nana-Chan for showing me this video again and to the Blog she rediscovered the clip in the other day. I had a great time watching it, I had a great time seeing how Shingo danced and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the rest of SMAP on the last part of the clip (Goro is soo Kawaiiii!!!!).

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I have, >_<!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 07 2008

today I went phone-hunting, with no success at all. it seems that even though prepaid-phone service is supposed to be common here, of the 6 stores I went to only 2 had and they were out of stock for the moment! after all the effort of asking “すみませんけど。。。あのー,プリペイドphoneを買いたいんですが、どうしたらいいですか?”, I only got negative responses!

oh, well… it didn’t really bother me at first. but them I met jen and korin at 原宿 (はらじゅく)and they had bought me this!!!!


nino!!!!!! I have to have a cellphone now! if only to put them on. yeah!

so anyway, it seems that [johnny’s entertainment official shop] (link to blog with extensive info about shop) is in harajuku. when you get to the station you have to take the omotesando exit and search for some girls with red armbands. these girls work for the shop and give you a piece of paper with a time written on it. that’s the time you have to go to the shop to START QUEUING! O.O apparently for at least 30 minutes… I thought: “WTF!I’m not going there!fuck the posters and the stuff I wanted to buy and fuck johnny’s”. but jen explained to me that there is an easier way. harajuku is full of clothes and accessories stores AND of unofficial johnny’s merchandising!!! which is cheaper, more varied and faster. they showed me where to find the best shops for cute, pinkish, frilly japanese-wear, gothic-lolita stores and so. I was so overwhelmed with all that stuff that I forgot to take pictures… not that you can take any inside the shops – which reminds me you cannot take a picture of the johnny’s official shop name either… we went into the cheapest gothic-lolita shop and they even had nana’s heart-shaped lapel jacket!!! I have to back there before I return home. actually, I was very proud of myself today because I didn’t spend a dime. and considering we went past [kiddyland], into the asian bazaar (right next to sejima’s dior omotesando building – biiiiig contrast, trust me), [condomania]and the main shop street in harajuku… it means a lot!

there was a previous attempt at eating lunch in a [chococro] – jen’s favourite dinning place – but they only served sweet croissant (chocolate, banana-chocolate, mango…) and, oh, croissant with tiny ridiculous sausage in it! I said “no thanks, only maccha smoothy for me…” and starved until I got home.

Oh! I nearly forgot! it seems you cannot smoke in the street in japan, so there are special places for smokers, generally close to station exits. they are like small public squares with cigarette ashtrays – since it is impossible to find a trashbin in tokyo it doesn’t surprise me so much. 

tonight we went to a karaoke near our home. usually it costs about 400¥per hour (2.50 euros?) so it’s pretty cheap. but from friday night to the end of the weekend the price goes up to 600¥, which is still fine. we sang the stupidest songs you can imagine, from YMCA, to YATTA or BUTTERFLY.

yatta! video. japanese men in ridiculous pseudo-adam outfit.


hmmm… no explanation needed.

so this was my day… I’m tired, but I’ll do one more post. :9