2 08 2008

I don’t remember if I mentioned in my [yoyogiKOEN] post that apart from street bands you can find a re-enactment of pure 50’s rock’n’roll right at the park’s entrance. now, if you’re thinking “electric guitars” and the like you are much mistaken – it’s not music they’re out for, it’s dancing and putting on a good show. clad in worn jeans and black-leather, their hair sticking up in impossible toupees and their eyes hidden behind rayban-style sunglasses, they look like the real thing, taken straight from the past. though they are mainly men, girls with wide skirts and fuzzy ribbons holding their hair can also be seen dancing with their male counter-parts.

I took a lot of pictures, most of them look the same, but I just couldn’t decide which ones to post and which not, so I uploaded them all. the pink car was also theirs – it ROCKS!



[代々木公園 street bands]

6 07 2008


yesterday we went to 原宿 (harajuku) once more – 原宿 has everything you’d ever want – but after the shopping you can go take a rest at 代々木公園 (yoyogi park), where 明治神具 (meiji jingu temple) is located. we didn’t enter the park actually, because outside is also fun: the street that surrounds it (in yoyogi station’s direction) is full of music bands that play all weekend. most are semi-professional, but even those have CD releases you can buy on the spot – prices ranging from 1500¥ to 3000¥. as long as the crowd doesn’t block the way and just enjoys music without disturbing bypassers it’s fine – you can see notices in some of the band stands asking for this so the police isn’t informed. also, you can get free tickets for the bands’ live performances in private halls or clubs. music styles vary hugely because the street is long and there are lots of bands (there is also another streets that goes directly to 渋谷 (shibuya) that’s packed with more bands, but most are amateur); so basically, if you enjoy live music, you can spend the whole afternoon there and even attend the second passes (they usually play twice). then you can go to 渋谷 and get on with the fun. even on sundays you will find that nearly all shops are open, even if opening hours are delayed ’till 10:00 ot 10:30 at the most. which means that the subway is always crowded!

so, back to street music, we went to see a group of bands under [buruburu net] seal: [love a sense], [ミクロクロニクル] and [the TDS] – I bought two CD’s, once I’ve had time to listen to them I’ll upload some songs. I’m posting some photographs. the first are from a random band we didn’t stay to listen to, then goes [love a sense] -whose music is sweeter, soft jrock I’d say. the singer’s name is yuu, by the way; followed by [ミクロクロニクル] – funniest of the three, all songs are sort of happy-go-lucky; and [the TDS] – more jrock, the singer is daizo. 


*and I met avril lavigne in shibuya!!! just kidding, it’s jen with straight hair.